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I loved the game,
I 'rely' loved the audio track
And this made it even more hilarious :D
Thank you for doing this :D

He's right

Not that I want to enter, but as oloklo said, I cant enter by clicking on 'the link'.
Awesome video though.


And Kud :D
this rawked

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A typo indeed.

The train level has it saying '3rd car, 4th seat', but it should be the fourth car.
Nice game, though, challenging and fun, but a little short :]

Its great

but i keep dying when a medal appears, cause i cant see larry anymore behind a medal D:

It's just the controls

You jump a little after you press the button when you run, which makes you fall easily. They should have made a second jump or something.

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Finally something actually musically awesome! Love the burning chord progression, really reminds me of J-pop, that stuff seems more harmonically interesting then most western music.
One point of criticism is that the melody has a few not necissarily wrong but strange movements. It's just a matter of taste of course, but on the B+5 chord and the B7 (killer progression by the way, walking up to that seven, classic) it tends to throw the melody off just a tad bit, and then race back into it. Just nitpicking, since it's hardly noticable at this insane amount of BPM.
Awesome composition, great instrumentation, and a slightly busy, but still very smooth mix. I loved it, I'm favoriting this.

Nice work! Great sound, especially the drums. That beat you had going on at 1:52 really worked as a build up and a progression of the song. Some minor points are that the intro was pretty long, and it took really long to build. It's really a tough job to make an atmospheric intro without much pulse for that long and keep it interesting. Another thing is that the build might need some simple melodic support to give it more energy. The drums and filters were really nice there, but it did miss a final touch. As for the breakdown/drop/whatever you might call it, the drums were spot on. Smooth mix, nice beat, not too much extra nonsense going on. Although, same as in the build-up, you might want to make it stand out a bit more. Everything you've got going on there, beat, pads (nice sound and voicings btw) and that arpeggio really fit in, and it sounds great, but it's missing the icing on the cake. Maybe something more rhythmically interesting, like that vocal synth you're using in the breakdown afterwards. The drum and bass part was just as smooth, with a great clear sound.
Last remark is that the progression stays the same throughout the song. That's not always a bad thing, but the progression is a tad bit generic, so it kinda loses the sparkle halfway through if you keep it going the whole song.
Nonetheless, great work. I liked every instrument soundwise and mixwise and it all blended splendidly (word-pun intended). Keep it up!

Well what do we have here!
The drums sound really nice, not too noisey, but still clean. That hi-hat is a bit too present in my opinion, you could just turn the volume down a little, or use an EQ to filter out the slightly too present high frequencies. Just what suits the rest of those mellow drums best.
The intro is great, the campfire sounds are really yummy, and the synth melody stays interesting because of the syncopation, delay and phaser, and when the drums kick in (no pun intended) it all kinda adds up.
After four rounds of the whole progression, I'm in need of a change in song parts. I'd love something bigger, a chorus probably, but a prechorus would also do. Those additional low-ish chords that come in at around 0:32, at the fourth time the progression starts, could start at the fifth, at 0:40. That way, you'd have two rounds of just synth, two rounds of synth/drums (in which you could build up with, for example, a Sweep effect), after which you have more room for a 'chorus', and also more material that you could use to really boost it, meaning those chords from 0:32.
Some higher pads could really work to give it a fuller sound, since that frequency is not really occupied yet. A main melody would really work as well I'd say, which would be the melody from 0:58. Really catchy by the way. We could make that a chorus, so you could build off after that toward a midsection, breakdown, final chorus and outro. Kind of what I'd do by means of song structure.
Note that I'm really not saying you should go all out. There's a huge difference between adding more layers to your song to make it more full and going full bezerk bombastic-fest. The mellow vibes are really cool, so you wouldn't want to waste them. So, in review; fuller, definately not louder.

So all in all, I really love your ideas, great vibe, and great down-to-earth drums (fit reeaally well with the rest by the way). Just the song structure that could use some work.
Making great progression mate, do keep it up! :D

cnvd responds:

Thanks a bunch for the review, I'm gonna keep working on this one and definitely take your advice! I've updated this song once since this upload, but all that's changed is a bit more variety in the drums and more mastering. The drums are all in FPC and I haven't bothered to split them into seperate tracks, but that'll definitely happen before I consider this song finished, which I hope to do at some point. I know someone who plays the drums so maybe I can bribe him with sweets or something to play some for the song. I can't see myself doing any new songs for a few months, I've got finals when school comes back from break and I'm starting to learn guitar. (hopefully that'll work its way into a song in the future). Anyways, thanks a bunch for the review and sorry for the ramble.

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Ooooh, nice! :D

I've always liked robot art :D
I'm not a great art expert, so I'll just stick with the fact that I think it's awesome, and I love the details :D



Or4nges responds:


Fuck yeah

This is awesome. It's some serious awesome.

Or4nges responds:

fa sho >:D

I'm an amateur producer that loves melodic music! :D I don't actually give a crap if your mastering is half-assed, as long as it's audible and it's made with some good knowledge of music! :D However, awesome mastering is always a nice extra, right? :D

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