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Name change #2

2013-01-02 15:54:25 by Indigorain

I've decided to keep the rain element, but I still want to do the name change. I've put up a whole discussion on my facebook page, you can leave suggestions there, and of course, here.


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2013-01-03 13:02:25

of course i said it in your first post of the name change, but really, your name (RainWave), it is just the best name you can decide to take
this name is just perfect in any way, not one name is going to replace what pure awesomeness this current name has
so just like i said before, "Please, no name change", your name is perfect the it is :)

Indigorain responds:

I still find this name not to be distinct enough. It's not a name someone would really remember just like that. I want a more distinct name than Rainwave.