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Name change

2012-12-29 11:49:59 by Indigorain

What would you guys think about a name change? Rainwave has gotten to start to sound a bit noobish to me lately :P
I was thinking about Astrosaurus X. Who doesn't love dinosaurs in space?


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2012-12-29 14:23:14

Noooo! Rainwave is amazing i really like it!


2012-12-29 23:57:11

Rainwave is to awesome to abandon.



2012-12-30 01:32:46

Keep Rainwave!


2013-01-02 04:54:18

Rainwave is already an amazing name, you don't need a new one.


2013-01-02 14:09:18

Please, no name change
your name has always been PERFECT the way it was, it really isnt noobish at all!!!
the name you have now, it is awesome, please do not change :(

Indigorain responds:

Well, I've put up a whole conversation on facebook about the name change. I've decided to keep the rain element, but I still want to change it. I still don't find Rainwave distinct enough.