I'm an amateur producer that loves melodic music! :D I don't actually give a crap if your mastering is half-assed, as long as it's audible and it's made with some good knowledge of music! :D However, awesome mastering is always a nice extra, right? :D

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Indigorain's News

Posted by Indigorain - October 5th, 2011

I got all the files back on my laptop, so I can get back to work on my projects! :D
I still don't have much time, due to music studies, but I'll try and be a little more pro active in producing and a little less lazy, so I can still produce a decent amount of songs in a decent amount of time :P

Keep your heads up for more! :D

Posted by Indigorain - September 26th, 2011

I'm taking a small break to transport all of my FL files and stuff to my laptop, because the PC I'm working on right now is not my own and it's almost out of space :P
The thing is that I have to redownload and re-install all of the VST's, so it'll take a while, considering that the fact that I still have to practice for music study about 3 hours a day.

So you'll just have to be patient, for those who are waiting :D

And for now, enjoy the awesome epicness of this song:


Me ofcourse, silly bastards! :D

Posted by Indigorain - August 29th, 2011


I hope you all like it, I've put my all into it :D

Posted by Indigorain - August 25th, 2011

Anyone who checks my music every now and then might have noticed that I've made not so much of my older style dance tunes.
So there's MOAR of that coming up! :D
And I'm currently working on solar vision 2, which is nearly done :D

Posted by Indigorain - June 22nd, 2011

Not completely, my practical lessons will be on the level of preliminairy course, but they thought I did outstanding work on my theory, so I can get a course where I can do my theory in preliminairy and my theory in first year. So I'm still a fulltime student :D
Anyway, I've got all different kinds of music coming up! Stay tuned :D

Posted by Indigorain - June 16th, 2011

I passed my exams, meaning I'm officially free from the school where I spent six years :D
Now I have to achieve my second goal as well, meaning becoming a student at the music university. My audition is next week, and I'm jamming my head full with jazz, practically brainwashing myself.
Anyway, just thought I'd let you guys know :D

Posted by Indigorain - June 1st, 2011

I'm done!
Wether I passed or not, that I will hear june 16th.
Anyway, I'm not completely done yet, I've still gotta prepare for my audition for music university for mah saxophone :D
But I've got moar time for music naow!!
I've finished my collab with DJ Heat, it's pretty damn awesome, and I've got a lot of almosty finished works in progress, so there won't be much waiting :D
Feel free to leave a review here and there :D

Posted by Indigorain - March 29th, 2011

So I've got my exams in a few weeks, and I'm wornking on a lot of school stuff. Of course I postpone everything until the last moment.
But meanwhile I'm collaborating with DJ Heat, you should check him out :D
So the music production will slow down, but I'll still be there.
Don't be afraid to leave a review, I always respond, and I love reviewing back^^

Posted by Indigorain - January 29th, 2011

Funneh! :D
or not...

Post anything you like, I'm bored :D

I'm also thinking of an accountname change, so leave suggestions! :D
Feel free to look at this retarded portrait

Post sumthin funneh

Posted by Indigorain - May 26th, 2010

Look around!
I do stuff, I make stuff, and something else.

Let me tell you a story that matters.
There once was an elephant...

.That lived somewhere far, far away.

The end.