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New song, new name and new channels!

1/7/13 by Indigorain

What's up guys!
I just changed my name from Rainwave to Indigo Rain, and there have been some other changes!
Firstly, I just released a new song! Cogs 'n Bolts!

And secondly, I've renamed my other channels:

There's been some 'disagreements' about the name, but I'm going to keep it this way. The music won't change!

Cheers, and I hope you guys can get used to it!

Indigo Rain


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RainWave sounded really unique and cool. IndigoRain sounds nice as well :)

IndigoRain sounds more like a Jazz producer, if you ask me XD

1/12/13 Indigorain responds:

Well, Jazz producer sounds weird on it's own :D
But I'm glad you like the name!



this name is actually great too ;)
i don't know, wich one is better now, RainWave...or...IndigoRain...
well, you picked a pretty darn good name :)

and of course like someone else said
when i saw Indigorain in my notifications i thought WTF, but now it's all clear :D
Cheers, and good luck with creating music :D

P.S. soon i will have a name change too :D

1/12/13 Indigorain responds:

Thanks man! Glad you like it! I'm curious about your namechange! :D

mmm your last song is again not my taste ( hope to see some more techno alike) and I don't like your new name eighter. i thought that Rainwave was a pretty awsome name. it is a pretty commen one but well it is catchy.

anyway good luck with the new name and i will check your shit out ;)

1/8/13 Indigorain responds:

I'm sorry you don't really like the name. To be honest, I feel like I'm kinda outgrowing the whole dance scene a bit.
But, don't worry, I've got Solar Vision 3 coming up! And thanks for still sticking around! :D

cmon im just fooling ;)
but serious rainwave was a cool name. why did ya renamed yourself?
and doooont worry i will of course check out your tracks even with your name :)

1/8/13 Indigorain responds:

I thought my name lacked character and distinctiveness. I needed something that was more easily recognizable :)

why the fuck indigorain? i loved the name rainwave x(

now im pissed off :P

1/7/13 Indigorain responds:

Chillout dude. The music will stay the same.
It's cool if you don't like the name, but now you're just being an asshole.